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A BG & GWWI Tribute To one of our Artists In Residence - Congratulations! 80 years of Arthur Secunda - Artist

A BG & GWWI Tribute To one of our Artists In Residence - Congratulations! for the amazing works of art in the "Impressions of Humanity Project"
Marcos Antonio - Artist

A BG & GWWI Tribute To one of our Artists In Residence - Congratulations! for the amazing work
A painting by the prolific Ethiopian artist Fikru G/Mariam was recently sold in the United States for $37,500 to help pay for surgical expenses of three Ethiopian children with severe spine disease. Fikru, who works from his Addis Ababa and Paris-based studios, has exhibited at prestigious European galleries and cultivated an international following.
Ficru G/Mariam - Artist

  1. Blair Lamar, Blackburn Galleries
    "Touching My Chine" Painted by Blair Lamar
  2. Penny Burns, Blackburn Galleries
    "Sink or Pour" Painted by Blair Lamar
  3. Artist & Curator Blair Lamar
    Artist & Curator Blair Lamar

Artist Of The Month
For March 2018
Blair Lamar Artist & Curator
 is an artist in residence. Blair explores the point where shape, colour, and human form become one.

Artist Of The Month
For January 2018

Richard Warrington - Artist
Richads' work pops of the walls as if  growing through and stands free and tall with unusual form.​ The multi phase processes are very time consuming and  the materials are expensive.

Kathy Linden - Artist

Blair Lamar - Artist

Barbara Rachko - Artist

Stuart Jefka - Artist

Rose Shaw - Artist

Bonnie Carter - Artist

 Ronda Richley   - Artist

Alexandra Niera - Artist

Russell  Daniel ​ - Photographer

Sheila Fratini - Artist

Frederique Kafka - Artist

Wiktoria Deero   - Artist

Mathew Goodwin - Artist

Grace Aza-Selinger​ - Artist

David Balber - Graphic Designer

Penny Burns - Artist

Eric Hawrylciw - Artist

Alan J. Naftal - Sculpture

Bellacicco Vita​ - Artist

Emma Chell - Artist

Michel Camilos - Artist

Yelena Karobka - Artist


Gail Butters - Artist

Melissa Kelley - Artist

Kim Muller - Artist

Barrett Edwards - Artist

Britney Hersman - Artist

Eduardo Mendieta - Artist

Simon Says - Artist

Judy Sayfie - Artist

John Cullen - Painter

Emmanuel Gonzales​ - Artist

  1. Title 5

Jackie Tufford - Glass Artist

Mathew Ghadban​ - Artist

Steven Keys - Artist

Stan Slutsky - Artist

  1. Title 12

Xusca Sole - Mixed Media / Digital Artists

  1. #Xusca Sole
  2. #Xusca Sole
  3. #Xusca Sole